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Laminating means that we are combining single film layers to so-called multi-layer films or laminate films.


Schur Flexibles offers a broad range of options and technologies, including laminating using solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives and extrusion laminating using state-of-the-art coex tandem production lines. We are thus able to refine films and extend the range of film properties.

Our expertise

  • Laminating adhesive with and without solvent
  • Laminating of extremely thin films
  • Laminating based on water
  • Sterilisable laminates
  • Extrusion laminating
  • Wax - laminating
  • Aluminium and paper stripe laminating

Your benefits

  • Extensive material know-how (polymers, aluminium, paper etc.)
  • Longtime experience
  • Broad range of technologies

Our center of excellence: LaminatiNG

Schur Flexibles Benelux – Tobacco packaging, tobacco pouches
Schur Flexibles Poland – Duplex and triplex laminates (food, hygiene)
Schur Flexibles Moneta – Confectionery
Danapak Flexibles – Pharmaceutical and dairy products
Schur Flexibles ABR – Sterilisable Laminates

Further technologies

For further information about our expertise and our product portfolio, please contact us directly at Our friendly sales team looks forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide you with the personal support and information you require.