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Sustainability at Schur Flexibles

"We are the accelerator of change for a better world through protective packaging solutions"

Our protective packaging solutions contribute to improving living conditions. We work tirelessly each and every day to safeguard resources, advance the development of a recycling economy and thus protect our environment. Smart and innovative packaging solutions help to prevent resource-damaging food waste, contamination and spoilage of goods in equal measure.

At Schur Flexibles, we are committed to a holistic approach in our daily work that follows the principles of 4Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity & Purpose. This means consistently focusing on “HOW we produce”: for us, protecting the packaged goods is just as important as taking responsibility for the effects of our business on people – employees, partners and consumers along the entire value chain – as well as on the environment.

With 23 production sites in Europe, our Group seeks to secure the prosperity of the European region with our business activities. We see ourselves as a reliable partner in supplying people with essential goods following the European Union’s New Green Deal and the objectives of the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group.

We continuously evaluate and optimize our production processes along our entire value chain. We also make these processes transparent, for instance by publishing concrete objectives and reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 300. We likewise advance our agile innovation management in many partnerships and cooperations such as CEFLEX, Operation Clean Sweep, Recyda, etc.


The 5R Approach

Our five pillars of sustainability


Recycling – Create a circular economy

  • We are already able to offer a recyclable alternative in each of our market segments today. By 2025, most of our products will be recyclable.
    • PE-based skin, shrink and thermoforming films
    • PP-based rigid and flexible films
    • Mono materials / polyolefine films
  • To optimise the cycle of potentially recyclable resources, we rely on flexible films consisting of mono materials and polyolefins while also researching materials that allow for even better recycling.

Replace – Development of new materials

  • Our goal: to replace all non-sustainable materials with sustainable materials.
    • Existing materials are replaced by innovative solutions such as DanaFibre, SuperThin and recyclable materials
    • Flowpacks and stand-up pouches, or thermoforming solutions, replace conventional packages

Reduction – Ultra-thin and lightweight films

  • Innovative research and development are the basis for thinner, light-weight films – with constantly high quality and functionality.
    • SuperThin currently is the thinnest laminate film world-wide
  • Using our ultra-thin laminates, we reduce the amount of resources required for storage and transportation as well as the consumption of energy and the generation of carbon dioxide along the entire value chain.

Renewal – Keep balance

  • We focus on resource-saving and renewable raw materials.
  • We use e.g. Chain of Custody Certified Products, increasingly replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives.
  • Our portfolio: paper, waxed paper, PE from renewable resources (bioethanol), DanaFibre, as well as starch-based films.

Responsibility – society, environment, and economy

We are committed to a responsible usage of raw materials – across all levels, at all our sites, from office lighting to the reduction of production waste.

  • Society: We cooperate with social initiatives, scientific institutions, universities, communities, public authorities, and government organisations. We respect human rights and condemn child labour.
  • Environment: Our target is the permanent reduction of raw material consumption. This covers both our products and our production. We therefore optimise our processes and procedures. On top of that, we increasingly use recyclable materials.
  • Economy: We strive for long-term, sustainable partnerships with our customers and suppliers.