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Sustainability is the central topic today and for future. We are taking concrete action NOW to safeguard our planet for the generations to come. As part of its commitment to sustainability and a circular economy, the European Union has issued the EU Plastics Strategy, which covers different aspects of how plastics should be handled in the future and establishes targets for plastic packaging.

At Schur Flexibles, sustainability is in our DNA. That’s why we invest heavily in researching and developing new sustainable packaging solutions. It is also why we have set up a dedicated sustainability team to act as consultants both internally and externally. Each member of this team is an expert in their own field and they have plunged into the jungle of legislation – across Europe and beyond – to ensure we remain the best partner for our clients on the path to shaping a sustainable future together.

Our experts are at your side. Just leave them a message at and they will get back to you with the support you need on the path to your tailormade sustainable packaging solution!


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On 14 September 2020, the European Union decided to turn its proposal to implement a European Plastic Tax – announced in July 2020 – into reality. The Plastic Tax is one of several proposals for new so-called own resources to help the EU become more independent of the allocations made by Member States.

This new tax will come into force as of 1 January 2021 and is “composed of a share of revenues from a national contribution calculated on the weight of nonrecycled plastic packaging waste with a call rate of EUR 0.80 per kilogram with a mechanism to avoid excessively regressive impact on national contributions.”

What are the impacts of this on your business? What actions you should take now? Which packaging can reduce or even avoid the expected tax burden? Implementation at national level in the individual EU Member States is still open, and our sustainability team has gathered the necessary information on the potential impacts in each country to help you better understand the consequences for you and your business. Contact us at to discuss this matter further.   

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In 2018, the European Union formulated the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy to stop the waste of our planet’s finite resources and the flood of plastic waste into the environment. Much action has since been taken in this regard.

Initiatives like CEFLEX have stepped up to the challenge of creating a circular economy for plastic packaging. We actively support the CEFLEX initiative because recycling is the best way to use resources that have been invested in packaging to the fullest.

The first national laws have also followed, including the German Packaging Law that was implemented in January 2019. There is still much to do, but we at Schur Flexibles have already made big steps in the right direction. We have already achieved one of our intermediate goals, namely being able to offer a recyclable packaging solution for each of our markets. If you are still looking for the right solution for your products – browse through our PORTFOLIO or contact us at to find out how sustainably your product can be packaged!

Click here to read the full publication about the EU Plastics Strategy:


THE Green Deal

At Schur Flexibles, protecting valuable produce on its route to consumers lies at the core of all our business activities. With our sustainable packaging solutions, we guarantee that the processed goods remain safe on their journey to customers’ plates. By continuous developing and supplying products that ensure freshness and long shelf life, we contribute positively to the European Green Deal. Packaging protects what is important and makes up only a small part of the CO2 impact of a packaged good!

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