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CEFLEX is a European initiative with the aim of creating an infinite resource cycle - a circular economy. The raw materials which are used to produce plastic packaging must no longer be lost but should instead be transferred into a circular economy. That's why CEFLEX works with all stakeholders in the value chain to make packaging better, lighter and more sustainable.
Learn more about CEFLEX, its vision and its activities in this video.




SAVE FOOD is an initiative dedicated to fighting food waste and food loss. Together with their members from industry, politics and civil society, SAVE FOOD aims to drive innovation, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and spark off debates in order to generate solutions across the entire value chain “from field to fork”. By involving all actors.



ABOUT Flexible Packaging Europe

Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) plays an advocacy role for the European flexible packaging industry at European and international level. The FPE deals with a diverse range of issues, most notably food contact, sustainability and the environment.

Memeber of FPE



On our path to shaping a sustainable future, recycling and the establishment of a circular economy is an important milestone. That is why we supported the FUTURY project and, following its successful completion, entered into a cooperation with the resulting start-up, Recyda. We are proud to support the innovative Recyda team on this path.

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Recyda has developed a software tool that helps companies worldwide find their way through the maze of country-specific material regulations and provides them with adapted recommendations for the composition of their packaging.

Companies in the consumer goods industry face public, financial and legal pressure to achieve recycling rates for their packaging. However, country-specific information on legislation and infrastructure (including collection, sorting and recycling systems) is not always centrally available and is often lacking in clarity. Recyda centralizes this information and makes it available in a tool that facilitates recyclability assessments of packaging on an international level.

 Funding history

In September 2019, the three founders of the Recyda start-up – Vivian Loftin, Christian Knobloch and Anna Zießow – were one of five teams selected to work on "Waste - Be Circular", the first future field addressed by the FUTURY platform’s THE MISSION initiative. Connected by a common idea, their different training and education backgrounds have already proven to be very beneficial in their collaboration.

During the three-month project, Schur Flexibles and the other corporate partners supplied the young innovators with technical expertise to help them realize their particular idea to address the challenges of this industry. Schur Flexibles provided the team with deep insights into the science of packaging technology and current sustainability matters through individual workshops and factory tours. Thanks to the close exchange with all corporate partners, the team was able to develop a convincing prototype of their software tool. At the end of the FUTURY project, they formed Recyda. The Schur Flexibles Group immediately entered into a cooperation with this start-up and is delighted to now be supporting the team as a partner.

“This solution will be an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving a circular economy for flexible films.” Dr. Martin Berlekamp, Head of Sustainability, Schur Flexibles

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Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)

Microplastics entering the environment is a topic that has gained more and more attention during the last decade. Despite the fact that the impact of European manufacturers serving mainly the European market has been shown to be quite negligible, we are still very conscious of this issue and accept our responsibility for the careful handling of plastics in our daily operations.

To formalize our shared commitment and expand our knowledge on the prevention of operational plastics loss, we are currently inviting all companies in our Group to join Operation Clean Sweep (OCS).

operation clean sweep


50 Sustainable & Climate Leaders 2021

Schur Flexibles is one of the companies participating in the 50 Sustainable & Climate Leaders project – the response from the International Business Community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership and the will to take effective action in the fight against Climate Change.

Follow this exciting project in the coming months!